01Discover amazing restaurants within our network for your next company meal, meeting or event.
02Dine at or order from a restaurant within our network.
03Easily receive a cash-back rebate on company expensed meals within the network.

Meals Fuel Your Success

Conventions and Events
Guudclub helps you save on meal spend for employees heading to conventions and events.
Business Travel
Offer your business travelers a centric experience by informing them of restaurants based on their diet.
Client Dinners
Easily discover client friendly restaurants for meetings and events.
Employee Training
Discover restaurants that are perfect for employee training or team building sessions.

Why Companies Choose Guudclub

Save on Operational Costs

Processing multiple receipts and invoices related to meal spend can be overwhelming.

Guudclub decreases the time spent on recording meal expenses for accounting processing purposes.

Gain Visibility and Compliance

Gain the visibility of meal spend and provide your employees with the opportunity to stay compliant within budget.

We help you easily identify buying behaviours so you can discover aggregate spending opportunities.

Increase Time Saved

Easily save time by providing your workforce with meal expense recording.

Guudclub also helps your workforce quickly identify restaurants that offer cash-back rebates on its expensed meals within our network.

Unlock Your Purchasing Power

With Guudclub, every meal expense could be an opportunity to increase your bottom line and put money back into your business.

Seamless Integration
Guudclub easily works with the internal communication tools you already use.
Insightful Reporting
We provide you with visibility and identify opportunities on your aggregate meal spend.
Maximum Savings
Guudclub helps you manage and save money on expensed meals.

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