Fuel your team with intel that matter to your future customers

Bites by Guudclub gives you daily targeted account insights to power your workday.
Here's a sample of what you'd receive each morning:

Get a head start into your workday

In between manually entering sales info into the CRM, internal meetings, and general administrative tasks, you still need to know what’s going on in your target industry — and that takes time.

Gain more time and receive top-level info on your target accounts with a daily bite-sized podcast sent to your inbox at the start of every work day.

Your day powered by Guudclub Bites

We dig through:

  • Press releases
  • 10K Annual reports
  • 10Q Interim reports
  • Earnings calls
  • Social Media Accounts


  • Target Account and Competitive Intelligence
    • Job postings
    • Office openings
    • Team expansions

Business intelligence designed for better conversations

Benefits of Guudclub Bites

Personalize at scale
Saves Time
Speed up your research while on the go
Understand your prospects industry
Most beneficial for:
Go-to-Market teams that use Account-based Marketing (ABM) strategies.
Sectors and Industries:
Financial Services, Healthcare, Biotech, Media & Entertainment, Consumer Goods, and Technology

Accelerate your top-level research while on the go

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