Bite-sized actionable intel that matters to you

Target account insights in under 7-minutes. Delivered to your inbox daily.

Get a head start into your workday

We dig through public sources to bring you actionable intel on:

Job postings
Content Posts
Job Changes
New Products
Hiring Plans
New Services

Your inbox should work for you

Top-level insights so that you can create timely reach outs, engage in better conversations, and deepen your expertise with your strategic target accounts.

We gather publicly available unstructured data, news, and intelligence. Our team then parses, filters, and summarizes that information into a daily bite-sized email to give you a head start into your workday.

Industries of Focus

Consumer, Retail, and CPG

Financial Services and Banking

Media and Entertainment

Oil and Gas


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What’s Included?
Track 10 target accounts a month
Actionable target industry intel
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs this?

Top performers looking to engage buyers, become experts in their field, and gain an advantage in their day-to-day operations will find value in Bites by Guudclub.

We save you time by gathering top-level intel that matters to you and sends that directly to your inbox daily.

Whether you’re an SDR/BDR, Account Executive, Account Manager, or Marketer, we believe that you’ll find value in our sales enablement tool.

I already have a bunch of data tools, what makes this special?

That’s great! We believe that Bites is a valuable add-on to your current sales tool stack.

We do the work and gather top-level research for you, package that in a bite-sized email, and deliver it to you daily.

Each email includes audio so that you can get your actionable insights while on-the-go.

I need this. Will you be able to segment my Bites by revenue size, and region?

Yes, that’s a feature that we plan to offer in the near future.

I don't see my target industry. Will you be adding more in the future?

Yes, we will be adding more industries as we move forward. Currently, we’re working on Health and Utilities. Those will be available soon.

How many accounts am I able to follow with a Bites membership?

Users will be able to track 10 accounts per month with a Bites by Guudclub membership.

Why is Bites by Guudclub sent by email?

Email is the easiest way to share important actionable intelligence to our members.

What time and how often will I receive my Bites?

Bites by Guudclub emails are delivered to your inbox by 6 AM (Eastern Standard Time) every Monday to Friday.

How much does this cost?

Bites by Guudclub early access is currently available by invite only.