Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

Guudclub is a corporate snacking program for fast-growing companies.

We keep your employees happy and productive with premium snacks sent directly to your office.

Guudclub Subscription snack boxes enhance company culture, give you more time, help you discover workplace data, and provides snack variety.

Let’s explain:

We help you promote a healthy workplace culture that helps make your employees feel appreciated.

We save you the time you would spend every week to go to the grocery store to find snacks for your employees. We also provide you with a curated snack selection that caters to most diets.

See what types of snacks work and what doesn’t. This will help you offer the perfect selection each and every time.

You get a rotating selection of premium snack options.

Plans start at 25 wholesome snacks per month.

Plans start at $59 a month for 25 snacks, billed annually.

Yes, we provide you with your very own Guudclub Snack stand.

We cater to your needs whether you need office snacks delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Let’s hop on a call to better understand your needs (dietary requests, satellite office delivery, etc.)

Once we’ve figured out what your company needs, we’d love to learn about how often you’d like your Guudclub Snack box delivered to your office.

Finally, sit back, wait for your snacks to arrive and watch your employees faces light up.

Building a healthy and happy workplace culture is easy with Guudclub.