Frequently Asked Questions

What is Guudclub?

Guudclub is a managed workplace company focused on facilities, food service, and market intelligence.

We help fast-growing companies stay productive with subscription-based essential services that fuel amazing work.

What essential services do you offer?

We’re currently focused on three key areas to help our members succeed: Guudclub Clean, Guudclub Snacks, and Guudclub Intel.

Guudclub Clean: a commercial cleaning service that disinfects and sanitizes high-touch areas in your workplace including breakrooms, lobbies, and workspaces.

Guudclub Snacks: a complementary monthly snack box (chips and granola bars) that fuels productivity. 

Guudclub Intel: a market intelligence offering that assists with your sales prospecting efforts for strategic Fortune 1000 target accounts.

How much does it cost to become a Guudclub member?

Guudclub membership starts at $149 a month. Access to a Guudclub Membership is currently available by invite only. Sign-up here to request early access.