Save on company expensed meals

Easy Setup

Guudclub easily works with your internal communication platforms to help you discover amazing restaurants that offer cash-back rebates.

Payment to restaurants is simple and easy — you use your corporate card or per diem cash.

Cash-back Rebates

Take advantage of the buying power of your workforce.

Collect cash-back rebates on a spend category that has previously been difficult to manage in most organizations.


Manage your meal expenses by keeping purchases compliant within a preferred dining network that helps you earn cash-back rebates.

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How much does Guudclub cost?
Pricing is dependent on your company’s unique needs. Chat with us today to see how we can help you save on every company expensed meal.
How do we pay for our meals?
The magic of Guudclub is that it works in the back-end. You can pay with any form of payment (cash, credit, debit), let us know of your order and we’ll handle the rest.
How are you able to communicate restaurants to my staff?
The magic of Guudclub is that it works with the tools you already use, such as: Workplace by Facebook, Slack or Email.
Where are your restaurants located?
We’re building out our network in several cities across North America. Chat with us to learn more.
What will the Account Manager need in order to set us up?
It would be beneficial to have a quick call to determine your company’s unique needs.
Where is the company located?
Guudclub is based in Vancouver, Canada.